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This page is a summary of some of the research regarding the health benefits of having a clean home.

"Several controlled randomized studies have shown that allergen (especially HDM allergens and animal dander)

avoidance measures are effective both in reducing the level of allergens and in improvement of disease control.

Some efficacy in allergen reduction has been reported by washing, steaming and vacuum cleaning procedures."

Secondary Prevention evidence-based recommendations:

1. Avoidance of tobacco smoke

2. Patients who have perennial asthma, rhinitis or atopic dermatitis

and who are allergic to house dust mites or animal dander should

try to reduce their exposure to the relevant allergens. Recommended measures include:

* Reduction of indoor relative humidity below 50% if possible.

* Encasing of mattresses with documented protective coverings.

* Washing of pillows in hot water (>55C) regularly or encasing of pillows.

* Washing of bedding in hot water (>55C) regularly.

* Removal of carpets in bedroom.

* Vacuum cleaning regularly

Halken, S. Prevention of allergic disease in childhood: clinical and epidemiological aspects of primary and secondary allergy prevention. Pediatr Allery Immunol. 2004: 15; 9-32

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